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SALGA tables 2020/21 Annual Performance Plan to Parliament Committees




Posted: 13 May 2020

On 12 May 2020, the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) presented its 2020/21 Annual Performance Plan to the Portfolio Committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) as well as the Select Committee on Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Water and Sanitation and Human Settlements.

Belonging to the two committees from the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP), members raised concerns regarding high levels of corruption and deteriorating financial management in the local government sphere.

SALGA has set out its role to represent, promote, and protect the interests of the sector to raise the profile of the local government. The organisation further aims to constructively disrupt, in a positive manner, where the existing overall system e.g. Legislative, fiscal, policy, and institutional makes it impossible for the sector to deliver on its mandate.

In her response, SALGA President, Thembi Nkadimeng mentioned four interlinking challenges facing municipalities and the local government sector, namely:

  1. Capabilities, Governance, and Leadership
  2. Spatial Transformation and Inclusion
  3. Fiscal Policy and Financial Management
  4. Service Delivery and Infrastructure

“Although LG is responsible for 46% of the constitutional functions, it receives the lowest allocation of the national expenditure allocation at 9%,” amplified Cllr Nkadimeng.

Given the mentioned challenges the organisation aims to create a local government that is responsive, accountable, effective, efficient, and developmental.

As a directive from its mandate to advocate, lobby, and represent, through its 2020/21 APP, amongst others, SALGA aims to conduct an assessment of its programmes and processes to integrate mainstreaming of vulnerable groups. The organisation will likewise give a position on an enabling legal, policy, and fiscal framework for housing accreditation. Thus, lobby and advocate for the review of the equitable share allocation for local government development.

The Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on CoGTA, Hon. Faith Muthambi highlighted labour relations as a major challenge facing municipalities and called for effective labour despite mechanisms.

As an employer body, by March 2021, the organisation seeks to approve the SALGA Collective Bargaining Strategy and Negotiations on Salaries and Wages. “We will further facilitate the conclusion of negotiations on the Pension Fund Restructuring and the Wage Curve,” assured Cllr Nkadimeng.

Committee members also questioned SALGA on how is it that corruption is still on the rise in the sector when the number of Councillors attending training is increasing every year?

President Nkadimeng indicated that “it is vital to note that wrongdoing is often not as a result of lack of capacity, but lack of desire to do the right thing.” Training is meant to capacitate Councillors to arrive at correct decisions.

Similarly, the organisation will convene the 4th Annual Local Government Performance Management Seminar by March 2021. It will further roll-out the Municipal Performance Management Training Programme as well as consolidate an integrated capacity building implementation as means to improve capacity-building in local government.

Furthermore, SALGA will continuously support and advise municipalities on certain issues such as a Climate Change Response Programme. The organisation will ensure that municipalities are exposed to new innovative water and sanitation solutions and management. Thus, convene workshops in all provinces to roll out the Consequences and Accountability Framework.

For ongoing strategic profiling, a spatial transformation barometer will be developed for selected cities and towns. Moreover, a well implemented and managed SALGA Municipal Awards will be convened by March 2021. Additionally, knowledge and sharing will continue through the SALGA Knowledge Hub. 

Hon. Faith Muthambi reiterated that the problem of dysfunctional and struggling municipalities is not an issue of SALGA alone. “I believe we can work together to bolster sound financial management and good governance in municipalities,” said Muthambi.

Besides, for LG to effectively respond to COVID-19, SALGA President Thembi Nkadimeng suggests that the Committees introduce debt management plans to determine affordable payment terms; support to develop voluntary financial recovery plans; thus, review the LGES formula to be more relevant and realistic.

To sustain local service delivery expectations “the District Development Model should lobby for short, medium and long term support in executing services from the national and provincial government,” stated Nkadimeng. Additionally, for effective governance during the national lockdown, a comprehensive IT Solutions Package for municipalities needs to be fast-tracked.



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