Urban Agenda and City Development Strategies Working Groups

Chairperson Cllr Xola Pakati

  1. . Urbanisation and sustainable development;
  2. . Broad Urban economy;
  3. . Urban Planning and the new urban Agenda;
  4. . Managing Urbanisation; and
  5. . City Development Strategies (GDS’s).
Working Groups Quick links:
Capacity Building and Institutional Resilience
Community Development and Social Cohesion
Councillor Welfare and Empowerment

Economic Empowerment and Public Employment Programmes

Environment Planning and Climate Resilience
Electricity and Energy Provision
International Programmes and Partnerships
Municipal Finance and Fiscal Policy
Municipal Inovation and Information Tecknology
Governance and Intergovernmental Relations
Human Settlements and Municipal Planning
Public Transport and Roads
Rural Development and Public Works
Trade and Investment Promotion
Urban Agenda and City Development Strategies
Water, Sanitation and Waste Management


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