Electricity distribution Constitutional challenge   MM Forum Reflections 10 Sept 2017
Auditor General Taking accountability to improve audit outcomes SALGA engagement August 2017

MMs Forum State of LG Finances 31 Aug 2017

CoS Summary Outcomes Knysna Municipality Revenue Enhancement ProjecT

Electricity Constitutional Presentation Mm Forum 30 August 2017

Narratives On 2017-18 Notice (2)

Electricity Constitutional Presentation MMForum 30 August 2017 Final

Reflections on Policy Issues Impacting on LG
Financial Viability of Municipalities Review of the MM Forum
Identified providions of the MSA that requires amendment SALGA MM's Forum NDP Presentation Bannister

Implications of Amalgamation of Municipalities And Post 2016 Local Government Coalition LED Municipalities

SALGA MMs Forum 31 August B2B IUDF NUA SDGs vs 3
Improving Municipal Audit Outcomes State of Municipal Finances and Expenditure as at 30 June 2017
WINWATER Group Presentation National MM's forum

Time to Change Mm Forum

Steve Tshwete LocalL Municipality Using Statistics to Drive Local Government Agenda
Sanlam Value Proposition  
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