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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

15H00 - 19H00 Registration, credentials confirmation and receipt of documentation

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Programme Director: Cllr. William Mapena, Speaker, eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality (Kwazulu-Natal)

07H30 – 08H30

Arrival and Registration


08H30 – 08H40

Official Opening Ceremony  

Opening Prayers

Rendition of National Anthem              

Programme Director

08H40 - 08H50

Host Mayor’s Welcome Remarks

Cllr. Zandile Gumede, Mayor, eThekwini Metro

08H50 – 09H20

Welcome and Keynote Address

The SALGA President provides a background, gives a rationale for the Council of Speakers and details emerging issues confronting/affecting Speakers and Local Government at large.

Cllr Parks Tau, UCLG and SALGA President


“Prospects of examining the Separation of Powers and Functions: A Differentiated Model of Accountability and Oversight”

Since the inception of the democratic local government system in 2000, much debate has centered on the absence of a separation of powers at local government level, in contrast to the clear separation at national and provincial level. Much of that debate is linked to the introduction in local government, of the office of the Speaker.  The fairly recent emergence of the political office of a Council Whip has added another dimension to the debate. It is argued that there are now three centres of political power in each municipality – the so-called TROIKA.

With participation and sharing of perspectives from the national executive arm, the provincial and national legislatures, this Session will interrogate the concept of separation of powers at local government level, its implications, the current constitutional and legislative framework and whether a separation of powers or functions is desirable.

09H20 – 11H00

Panel Debate: “Prospects of examining the Separation of Powers and Functions: A Differentiated Model of Accountability and Oversight”

With special focus on the:-

·       The Constitutional Scheme And Legislative Framework;

·       Key features of absence of separation of powers and functions at local level;

·       Terms of Reference and Delegations to Effect Separation of Powers and Functions;

·       Executive and Accountability / Oversight Mechanisms and Structures;

·       Models for Accountability and Oversight.



Cllr Parks Tau, SALGA President

Hon. Des Van Rooyen, Minister,      COGTA

Hon. Lechesa Tsenoli, Deputy Speaker, National Assembly

Hon. Ntombi Mekgwe, Speaker, Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Prof. Jaap De Visser, Director: Dullah Omar Institute, University of the Western Cape

11H00 - 11H30



“Public Participation: Alternative measures and mechanisms to improve community involvement in council decision-making processes”

Programme Director: Cllr Shiela Mabale-Huma, Speaker, Rustenburg Local Municipality (North West)

Defined as the process by which government consults with the people and interested or affected individuals, organisations and government entities before making a decision, Public participation is a two-way communication and collaborative problem solving mechanism with the goal of achieving representative and more acceptable decisions. It is acknowledged Public Participation is inclusive and diverse by its very nature.


In strengthening Public Participation at local level, this Session with valuable participation from the national and provincial executive arm, the national legislature and local government, will debate Public Participation as a fundamental dimension of democracy and an important factor in the strengthening and maturing of democracies.

11H30 – 13H00

Panel Debate: “Public Participation: Alternative measures and mechanisms to improve community involvement in council decision-making processes”

With special focus on the:-

·       Legal Framework;

·       Overarching Objectives of Public Participation;

·       Principles and Values Underpinning Public Participation;

·       Public Participation Policies and Practices;

·       National, Provincial and Local Public Participation Structures;

·       Institutional Advancement for Public Participation – policy, strategy, programmes and projects;

·       Mainstreaming of Public Participation Processes: Planning, Co-Ordination and Reporting;

·       Institutional Arrangements for Public Participation: Structure, Accountabilities and Political Interface Public Participation and Communications; and

·       Public Participation Enablers.



Cllr Mxolisi Koyo, SALGA NEC Member & Speaker of Chris Hani District Municipality

Hon. Thandi Modise, NCOP Chairperson

Hon. Ayanda Dlodlo, Minister of Communication

Hon. Nomusa Dube-Ncube, MEC COGTA, Kwazulu-Natal

13h00 - 14h00



“The foundation for increased Cooperation between Traditional Leadership and Municipal Councils”

Programme Director: Cllr M B Silingile, Speaker, Frances Baard District Municipality (Northern Cape)

The institution of traditional leaders has a place in our democracy, and has a potential to transform and contribute enormously towards the reconstruction and development of the country, especially in rural areas. The Municipal Structures Act created a mechanism for traditional leaders’ participation in the activities of municipal councils and from a local government point of view, it is of utmost importance that there is a proper understanding of the role and functions of traditional leaders not only within the local government sphere, but also within the national and provincial spheres of government.


This Session will focus on the envisaged partnerships between Traditional Leaders, municipalities and other structures of government that will help to accelerate the delivery of services to our communities and enhance the ability of the second economy to respond to the needs of the poor and unemployment, which are widely stretched across our country.  

14h00 – 15h30

Panel Debate: “The foundation for increased Cooperation between Traditional Leadership and Municipal Councils”




Cllr. William Mapena, Speaker, eThekwini Metro

Hon. Obed Bapela, Deputy Minister COGTA

Inkosi Ngangomhlaba Matanzima, Chairperson, Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders

Cllr Dudu Mazibuko, Speaker, Uthukela District Municipality

15H30 - 16h00



“Managing Council Business: The Role of a Speaker in a Municipality”

Programme Director: Cllr Dikeledi Mmetle, Speaker, Greater Tzaneen Local Municipality (Limpopo)

With the able participation and sharing of experiences of both former and current Speakers of municipalities, this Session will interrogate the role of Speakers in managing the dynamics of Council Business.

16h00 - 17h30

Panel Debate: “Managing Council Business: The Role of a Speaker in a Municipality”

With special focus on the:-

·       Programming of Council Business;

·       Managing Whippery;

·       Troika engagements;

·       Complementary role of Speaker and Chief Whip;

·       Managing the reporting arrangements of oversight committees to Council;

·       The dynamics of managing Council business in a Coalition government arrangement.



Hon. Nandi Mayathula-Khoza, MEC Gauteng and former Speaker of Joburg

Father Smangaliso Mkhathswa, Chairperson, Moral Regeneration Movement and former Executive Mayor and Speaker of City of Tshwane

Cllr. Vasco Da Gama, Speaker Joburg Metro

Cllr. Dirk Smit, Speaker City of Cape Town 





18H30 – 21H00


Thursday, 17 August 2017


“Uniformity and Application of Rules and Orders for Council Sittings”

 Programme Director: Cllr Patricia Kumalo, Speaker, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality

Rules and Orders are aimed at allowing free, open and constructive debate during meetings to promote freedom of expression in such a manner that orderly debate is ensured within the time constraints of time allocated during meetings. The Rules and Orders also endeavour to manage order and enforce discipline in Council, under the direction of the Speaker of Council.

This Session will, through the participation of the national executive arm, provincial legislative arm and local government, will reflect on how to ensure uniformity and application of Rules and Orders for Council Sittings.

08h30 – 08h50

Recap of DAY 1              

Cllr Renias Khumalo, Speaker Ehlanzeni District Municipality (Mpumalanga)

08H50 - 09H00

Message of Support

Kgosi Maubane, Chairperson, National House of Traditional Leaders

09h00 - 10h30

Panel Debate: “Uniformity and Application of Rules and Orders for Council Sittings”

With special focus on the:-

·       Uniform Rules;

·       Managing Order and Enforcement of Discipline in the Council;

·       Administering the Code of Conduct; and

·       Effective and Efficient Petitions and Complaints management systems to reduce service delivery protests.



Cllr Anton Coetsee, Chairperson SALGA Western Cape and Speaker Overstrand Municipality

Hon. Andries Nel, Deputy Minister COGTA

Hon. Falaza Mdaka, Chief Whip Limpopo Provincial Legislature


10h30 - 11h00



“Councillor Support Model & Systems”

Programme Director: Cllr, Speaker, Midvaal Municipality (Gauteng)

A key to achieving the objective of a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous nation is the democratization of the state strengthening of institutions of governance. In this regard it is vital that the best public representatives are drawn to serve, that a working environment conducive to the building up and retention of experience and expertise is created. This requires that public representative are adequately remunerated, equipped and protected.

This Session with the valuable participation of the national executive arm will reflect on what is a conducive environment for public office bearers at a local government.

11h00 - 11h30

Video and Presentation: Capacity Building for Municipal Councillors

11h30 – 13h00

Panel Debate: “Councillor Support Model & Systems”

With special focus on the:-

·       Personal Protection and Security;

·       Remuneration, Capacity & Tools of Trade;

·       Support offered to Councillors (staffing, equipment, office infrastructure), discipline, communication)



Cllr. B. Stofile, SALGA NEC Member

Hon. Fikile Mbalula, Minister of Police

Hon. Des Van Rooyen, Minister      COGTA

Adv. Marumo Moerane SC, Chairperson, Moerane Commission of Inquiry

Hon. Mohapi Jihad, Chairperson of Parliamentary Select Committee COGTA

13h00 - 13h45

Legislation/Regulations  inhibiting the delivery of services and Proposals for the next Council of Speakers


13h45 - 14h00

Closing Remarks & Vote of Thanks

Cllr Nombulelo Hermans, SALGA NEC Member and Speaker, Pixley Ka Seme District Municipality (Northern Cape)





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