Proposed Topics/Issues for discussion at SALGA Provincial and National Members Assemblies 2018

On 1 December 2016, SALGA National Conference adopted a 5 Year Strategic Plan for the period 2017 - 2022. This Strategic Plan aims to strengthen SALGA’s role as the protector to defend local democracy and to enforce the rights of the local government sector as well as to constructively disrupt where the existing overall system compromises the ability of local government to deliver on its mandate. This 5 Year Strategic Plan asserts the notion that local government is the sector that is closest to the people and therefore, must be empowered, resourced and capacitated to assume its critical role of delivering quality services to the people.

SALGA has a clear strategic role to play in representing the interests of local government within the system of government as a whole and supporting its members to fulfil their developmental obligations. For SALGA to play this role meaningfully, it is important for members to, on an ongoing basis, identify and submit to SALGA any topics/issues that needs SALGA’s actioning.

SALGA is preparing to host the 2018 Chapters of the Provincial Members Assemblies (PMA) which will be followed by the National Members Assembly (NMA). In an effort to continuously improve on the SALGA mandate, members as well as SALGA stakeholders are invited to identify emerging policy issues, support requirements, practical challenges and best practices that fall under the purview of SALGA’s mandate.

Primary Objective

To inform discussions at the upcoming PMAs and NMA and document the expectations of municipalities and stakeholders that will inform SALGA’s Agenda for the 2019/20 financial year and beyond.

Response Guidelines

The Provincial PMAs are scheduled to take place from 2 – 30 August 2018. Municipalities and stakeholders are requested to complete and send back the attached template to SALGA in order to allow SALGA to analyse the topics/issues received and prepare for the PMA discussions. Municipalities and stakeholders are welcome to send more than one topic / issue however, please use a clean template per issue. Guidelines for Draft Resolutions/Issues

1. The draft topics/Issues should focus on matters that are the direct responsibility or concern or directly impacting on municipalities or on SALGA as an association of municipalities;

2. The draft topics/Issues may either be a matter falling within the competency of provincial government or national government or both provincial and national government;

3. Informed by the intention of this invitation and the above guidelines, below is an example as well as the actual template you are kindly requested to complete.

SALGA Provincial Members Assembly – TOPIC/ISSUE Template

Demographic Data

Municipality / Organisation*

PROPOSED TOPICS/ISSUES – ( Please elaborate)


1. What is the issue or Title

(Should be short and refer to the key intent of the proposed topic/ issue)

2. Background

(A clear description of the issues or what are the surrounding circum- stances or prevailing situation on this topic/issue?)

3. Problem Statement

(One or two sentences that describe the problem related to the topic/is- sue. May also use specific examples)

4. Recommendations

(What specific actions should SAL- GA consider in the short, medium and long-term)