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SALGA North West is a provincial structure of SALGA which is run by management and the executive committee. The ultimate authority of the province resides in its Provincial Conference with the Provincial Executive Committee providing political leadership.

The Provincial Executive Officer leads and manages the North West Provincial Office of SALGA so that an effective service is provided within the SALGA Mandate to local government in the province whilst their specific needs and requirements are understood and represented at National level. It is also responsible for the execution of SALGA’s mandate in the entire North West Province.

The office is situated in North West province which is one of the 9 provinces in South Africa created after the dawn of democracy in 1994. Its capital is Mahikeng. The province shares the boundaries with Free State, Limpopo and Gauteng Provinces, and is the gateway to Botswana.

North West is predominantly a rural province with the main economic activities being mining and agriculture, and is poverty stricken with a very high unemployment rate.

North West has 23 Municipalities; 4 Districts and 19 Locals:

  • Districts Municipalities
  • Ngaka Modiri Molema
  • Dr. Kenneth Kaunda
  • Dr. Ruth Segomotsi Mompati
  • Bojanala Platinum

Local Municipalities

  • Mafikeng
  • Ratlou
  • Tswaing
  • Ditsobotla
  • Ramotsere Moiloa
  • Tlokwe
  • Ventersdorp
  • Matlosana
  • Maquassi Hills
  • Naledi
  • Kagisano-Molopo
  • Greater Taung
  • Mamusa
  • Lekwa Teemane
  • Madibeng
  • Moretele
  • Moses Kotane
  • Rusternburg
  • Kgetlengrivier

North West Highlights

Water and Sanitation

  • Co-hosted the Provincial Water Indaba, leading to adopted Ministerial Action List in terms of Water for Growth and Development.
  • SALGA is actively involved on the improvement of drinking water quality, conservation and demand management.


  • Co-ordinated awareness workshop on Roads Maintenance and shared roads responsibilities.

Climate Change

  • Co-ordinated awareness workshop on Climate Change in the Local Government Sphere.


  • SALGA made inputs on the discussion document on the Free Basic Refuse Removal Policy.

Divisional Bargaining

  • Divisional bargaining: Draft Collective Agreement on the Conditions of Service - SALGA submitted a draft agreement with the intention to standardise conditions of service (divisional scope) within the Mpumalanga, Limpopo and North West provinces.

Gender, Youth, People with Disability, Elderly and Children

  • SALGA NW has developed implementation guideline on the Gender Policy Framework - targeted towards having at least 14 out of 24 adopting the Framework and the guidelines in 2009/10 - 10 Municipalities have adopted these guidelines through Council Resolutions.
  • 3 Municipalities are participating in the Gender Mainstreaming Training. (Salga partnership with The Swedish International Development Agency.) Kagisano LM, Mafikeng LM and Bojanala Platinum DM)
    SALGA NW played an active role played in the 16 Days Campaign on no violence to Women and Children.

Mainstreaming Disability and HIV and AIDS

  • Provincial Workshop on the UN Convention for Persons with disability held in Collaboration with Office on the Status of Persons with Disabilities (OSPD).
  • Rollout of Disability Framework and training on mainstreaming disability programmes.14 municipalities participated.

Provincialization of Primary Health Care

  • The Audit was conducted in the province by service providers appointed by the national.
  • The decision of the NMA as endorsed by the NEC with regard to PHC was communicated to municipalities.
  • The MEC for LG & TA in October 2009 gave a directive to municipalities to submit claims to respective Provincial departments that may be owing them.
  • A letter was written to municipalities stressing the importance of claiming monies owed for PHC Services.
  • SALGA is continuously giving advice to districts with regard to delivery of Municipal Health Services.

Poverty Alleviation

  • SALGA NW is a strategic player in the Provincial Poverty War Room Task Team.

Disaster Management

  • Continued participation in the Provincial Disaster Management Forum.

Public Safety

  • SALGA is a strategic player in the Provincial Operation Safety Support Forum on matters related to Social Cohesion.

Global Economic Crisis

  • SALGA has engaged the Office of the Presidency and developed a LG response to the Global Economic Crisis, Which emanated from the Framework for South Africa response to the International Economic Crisis.

Municipal Finance

  • Training on Tax Guidelines for Councillors
  • SALGA NW made inputs on the Municipal Public Accounts Committee Draft Framework.
  • Workshop held on Municipal Fiscal Powers and Functions Act resulting in all Municipalities complying with submission of Municipal Tax Deadline
  • District bases workshops on MPRA
  • Implementation was conducted in partnership with DLTA.
  • SALGA is a key Stakeholder on the Provincial Operation Clean Audit


  • Audit conducted on Spatial Planning issues in all Municipalities.
  • Actively participating on the rollout of the LED Strategy in Municipalities.
  • Development of LED Position Paper
  • Key stakeholder in 2010 FIFA World Cup Forums
  • Conducted provincial Economic and Development Workshop
  • Actively participated on LGTAS ; Key Performance Area Leaders Forum and in the drafting and assessments of Municipal IDPs include the review of the Provincial base IDP Arial
  • Actively participated in the drafting and assessments of Municipal IDPs include the review of the
  • Provincial base IDP Assessment Framework
  • SALGA NW actively participated in municipal IDP Feedback Sessions
  • Participation in NW Provincial Planning Forum and Provincial LED Task Team Forum as well as in all PGDS Forums.

Capacity Building

  • Training on Roles & Responsibilities for Municipal Councillors (Speakers & Whips), Political Structures & Officials
  • Training on the Municipal Office Bearers Handbook
  • Training for Ward Committees & CDWs – BPDM pilot
  • Induction Programme for newly elected Councillors
  • Councillor Support Programme
  • Capacity Building Programmes for Traditional Leaders

IGR Structures

  • Submission to CDW Policy Framework & policy & legislation documents
  • Through the LTT, assisted municipalities with generic by-laws & draft policies
  • Key stakeholder in rollout of Provincial Anti-corruption Strategy
  • Key stakeholder at the APRM Consultative Conference

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