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SALGA Gauteng is a provincial structure of SALGA which is run by management and the executive committee. The office is the voice ad shield of Gauteng municipalities, it promotes and represents Local Government, assist in transformation of Local Government in Gauteng, enhances the role and status of member municipalities, ensures full participation of women in Organised Local Government, supports the effective and efficient delivery of municipal services and co-operates with national and provincial spheres/organs of the government. Its existence is anchored on Section 163 of the RSA Constitution and the Organised Local Government Act of 1997.

The ultimate authority of the SALGA Gauteng province resides in its annual Provincial Conference, which takes place before the National Members Assembly. The Provincial Executive Committee provides political leadership to the provincial office.

The offices of SALGA Gauteng Provincial office are situated in Gauteng province within the City of Joburg Metropolitan municipality. The province is situated in the heart of the Highveld, the smallest province in South Africa with only 1.4% of the land area, but it is highly urbanised and has a population of about 11 million people, about a 20% of the total population of South Africa. With its many employments opportunities, business opportunities and a number of education institutions, it is the fastest growing province with a 20% population growth.

Gauteng has 12 Municipalities made up of 3 Metro’s, 2 Districts and 7 Locals:

Metropolitan municipalities

  • City of Joburg
  • City of Ekurhuleni
  • City of Tshwane

Districts Municipalities

  • Westrand
  • Sedibeng

Local Municipalities

  • Randfontein
  • Westonaria
  • Mogale City
  • Merafong
  • Emfuleni
  • Midvaal
  • Lesedi

Gauteng Highlights

  • Input into SALGA position paper/s
  • Non - motorised transport policy
  • National climate change response policy
  • 17th Constitutional Amendment Bill
  • Annual Water Tariff Changes
  • Eskom’s Multi-Year Price Determination
  • Social Contract Discussion paper
  • Waste Management Guidelines
  • Provided inputs on the Division of Revenue Bill for 2010.
  • Made Inputs to the Financial Management bill and division of revenue bill in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature.

Water and Sanitation

  • Drinking water quality continues to be monitored and all 11 Water Service Authorities continue to adhere to DWA standards on drinking water.
  • During the year Merafong municipality was identified and assisted to draft a water demand and water conservation strategy.
  • A concept paper was developed for water services councillor induction.
  • A workshop on water conservation and water demand management was conducted through provincial WC/WD management task team. And all municipalities attended and signed a pledge to contribute towards the saving of at least 15% of water in the province.

Electricity and Energy Efficiency

  • Facilitated municipal inputs into the 17th constitutional amendment which has an impact on the EDIR. The comments were presented to the relevant governance structures.
    The energy efficiency and renewable energy workshop was conducted on the 4th December 2009. All five municipalities in the West Rand district took part, i.e. Randfontein, Merafong, Westonaria, Mogale City and WRDM.
    Participated in the energy saving awareness roadshow in Metsweding.


  • Hosted LED round table discussion with stakeholders on 30 March 2010.
  • Two engagements were conducted on IDPs, one in May 2009, with DLG&H, Sector departments and municipalities and the second engagement was done on 31 August 2009.
  • Hosted provincial LED strategic session on the 17th and 18th September 2009, workshops given on public private partnerships and Expanded Public Works Programme Phase II.
  • Conducted workshop on cooperatives on the 19th of February 2010.

Municipal Finance

  • Provided inputs on the Division of Revenue Bill for 2010.
  • Made Inputs to the Financial Management bill and division of revenue bill in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature.
  • Proposal submitted to DLG&H to provide technical support to municipalities on tax audits. Three of the four municipalities audited resolved all queries raised by SARS.
  • Conducted training on councilors on Municipal Budget Regulations.
  • The provincial budget for 2010/11 financial year was presented to the Budget Forum on the 28 January 2010.

Job Evaluation

  • Job evaluation was fully completed in three regions. All municipalities were assisted with the signing of Concession Agreements and the process was finalised.

Dispute Resolution

  • Represented/supported/advised municipalities to resolve 4 disputes.

Capacity Building

  • 176 Councilors/officials participating in ELMDP.
  • 121 Participants in National Certificate in Municipal Governance programme.

Migration Policy

  • A task team was established to assist municipalities to develop migration policies.

Gender, Youth, People with Disability, Elderly and Children

  • A workshop on Gender mainstreaming was conducted in Sedibeng and Merafong was assisted in including gender mainstreaming in the IDPs in May 2009.
  • Gender mainstreaming training was conducted in partnership with Genderlinks
  • The provincial office coordinated the implementation of 16 days of activism against gender based violence.
  • A programme for the elderly was implemented in partnership with Mogale City
  • A seminar was held in May 2009 on Child Headed Households.

SALGA Legacy Framework for 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup

  • Stakeholder engagement with hosting cities and base camp hotel owners for 2010 FIFA World Cup.
  • The inter-municipal games were held in Sedibeng District on 23 October 2009. All municipalities participated except Nokeng Tsa Taemane due to financial difficulties. Department of Sport, Arts and Culture also participated.

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